Kuzu No Honkai Episode Two Review


It’s  a new kind of ecchi. The seinen is really showing. My brain is screwed up. The ending better solve everything. So they’ve finally introduced all the characters and their roles too. Noriko is Mugi’s childhood friend and is in love with him. Ecchan is Hanabi’s only friend and is in love with her (YURI ALERT). But neither Mugi nor Hanabi think of their girl in that way. Unlike Mugi and Hanabi, Noriko and Ecchan are open about their feelings. Both Ecchan and Noriko think that one of the couple is using the other but they don’t know that they’re using each other, although not for the reasons they might think.


This anime has my emotions all over the place. First of all, I’m EXTREMELY upset and happy that Hanabi sang but butchered one of my favorite Naruto OP. Secondly, I’m really curious on how Ecchan came to like Hanabi, because that last scene felt very relatable. I hope its not the typical I loved you since childhood routine. Lastly, could the love interest in this anime so far be considered a Love Hexagon? The problem here is that it’s trying to be funny but is failing at it. The comedy is sucking because we have Mugi and Hanabi with their depressing voices. They have this depressed voice which makes any attempt at comedy by them fall flat. I don’t mean “depressed” in a bad way; it’s just that the voice acting really isn’t doing well with the comedy scenes. To be honest it’s like hearing someone telling a joke they don’t even get.


Didn’t love the inclusion of the cliche, childhood loli clingy friend, but LOVED the way Hanabi handled it. “You shouldn’t cling to things that aren’t yours.” And then almost immediately after, she confronted Mugi about not properly turning the girl down, which is, again, something real-life girls would do, instead of letting that bullshit just continue on like a harem anime. The execution of things is looking good. Things are interesting enough so far. Plus the OP and ED along with those visuals are pretty neat. I know they’re trying to make a balance of light and dark considering the circumstances but  if they can maintain the quality and don’t push the show to the “dark side” too much until the end then it would be nice.

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