Soul Contract Gets TV Adaptation


An official website by Haoliner Animation League has been launched and announced that web comic Spiritpact will get a TV anime adaptation. It will start on January 7, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. via Tokyo MX.

Heir of an old famous family of exorcist, Keika You is stricken by poverty after losing his parents. He struggles as a street fortune teller and computer recovery part timer to earn money. One night in a junkyard, he meets the mysterious yet charismatic exorcist, Ki Tanmoku, fighting an evil spirit. This encounter is the beginning of a fated story for Keika. Unfortunately for him, he was actually hit by a car and became a ghost. That was when the handsome exorcist Ki appeared and asked Keika to make a “pact” with him to fight evil spirits together. Here starts the friendship of our heroes!

Keika You: Yuuichi Iguchi (Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru)
Ki Tanmoku: Shunsuke Takeuchi (Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season)
Shiyou Shin: Rumi Ookubo (Yuru Yuri)

Director: Haolin Li
Producer: Yunkang Tang
Script: Reiko Torii
Sound Director: Koichi Iizuka
Sound Producer: Michiyoshi Minamizawa, Kenji Beppu
Sound Production Manager: Rintaro Yoneya
Sound Production: Half H.P Studio
Studio: Emon

Spiritpact is a fantasy Chinese web comic that describes a friendship that surpasses life and death by Pingzi. Originally titled Ling qi, it has been serialized in Tencent Animation & Comics, and currently has 163 chapters released. It is popular among female fans. An ONA series was just released this Summer. Honestly after watching the Japanese dub I have no idea why I prefer the Chinese version better.


6 thoughts on “Soul Contract Gets TV Adaptation

  1. Have you seen any of it so far? Crunchyroll has aired two episodes.

    You mentioned that it’s popular among female fans, which raises some questions that I’ll hold off for now. Are you familiar with the story, and if so, do you like it?


    1. Well I did wrote a review of it. You can go check it out and I can’t believe I prefer the original (Chinese ver). I was expecting the Japanese ver to be better but it seems like the Japanese voice actors failed to bring out the right emotions in the characters voice. And to be honest it has finished airing. The only other difference is that it’s two episodes in one instead of having each episode be 13 minutes. Japan just recently did a Japanese dub (so I guess it’s still ongoing for the dub but not the original one) and changed the name of the dub version to Spiritpact.

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      1. Ah, yes, I see your review now. The name difference threw me off.

        The only other anime I saw in Chinese was Initial D, so I probably can’t do a proper comparison between the Japanese and Chinese voices. So far the Japanese doesn’t sound bad to me, but Keika does sound kind of overexcited sometimes.

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      2. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about Keika’s voice because he always sound overly excited and over dramatic originally so I bet they’re just trying to voice it as similar as possible to the Chinese ver.

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