Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Review


Whether you need some toning inspiration, or just want to enjoy some rippling muscles these anime characters will get you pumped. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a popular ongoing manga series by Hirohiko Araki going strong for 20+ years; though its anime adaptation only started in the later months of 2012. The story thus far has revolved around the Joestar family over a few generations and Stardust Crusaders gives us a new protagonist named Jotaro Kujo. Jotaro is the grandson of Joseph Joestar who was the main character of the previous part Battle Tendency and is back to explain the future circumstances that will change Jotaro’s life as he knows it. As we know, JoJo is divided into several parts, each with it´s own character, own plot but with similar style. Stardust Crusaders is the third part of the whole Jojo´s Bizarre Adventures franchise and works as a sequel to the first season of Jojo, which included parts 1 and 2, Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency. The artwork in Season one wasn´t the best there is because of the short budget, but they still compensated with filters and colour changing to make it look cool enough despite the short budget. This time they have more money and it shows, the animation is more fluid, colours are more vivid and backgrounds are more detailed but they still keep all the things that made the first season´s animation so cool, all the change of colours, all the onomatopoeias, all the style is still here and it looks better than ever. The character designs are still Jojo too, lots of muscles and the cool hairstyles are still here. Jotaro´s design is the one I liked the most, it served its purposed which is to make him look like a badass.


Despite the flaws the original bizarre adventure had, I was invested in Jonothan and Joseph Joestar because they kept showing me new things, and interesting way’s to use their powers. However, in this series we get introduced to “The Stands” spiritual manifestations which reside in our main cast members and do the fights for them. A very fresh concept, compared to the “Hamon” from the prequel. I can only imagine all the Jojo fans, when this was published in the manga, going “Awww my GAWD, that is soooooooo AWESOME”, because even if now it´s not THAT original, when the manga was first published it was a kinda big deal. Now we have things like Persona that do things like that, but Jojo is different in the aspect that here Stands can take ANY form, ranging from an enormous ship to a little insect, each with its own abilities and weaknesses.


Sadly, the stands never evolve or learn in any way. And up to episode 12 every single fight seemed more like a filler (I wasted 6 hours of my life watching it till I stopped at episode 13 to take a break) that was just there to slow down the plot. (This happens because the author of the manga thought that it would be cool to have the Stands named after Tarot cards, the thing is that then he had to use them all leading to some really unnecessary episodes here and there.) Normally these fights are present to make our protagonist stronger so they are ultimately ready to face the end villain of the show. But our protagonist Jotaro does not get any stronger. That is SUCH a major flaw ughhh… Now on to a more positive note. Unlike the prequel Stardust Crusaders clearly consists of a team. The biggest flaw of shows like DBZ (especially it’s movies) is that the fights center around 1 brickhouse of a character and the rest of the cast are just watermelons waiting to be splattered open by a hammer. Aside from Joesph Joestar the protagonist of the last series our main casts importance is very well divided. Despite Jotaro being our Hero, he is not always the hero of each episode and I approve of this a lot! Also I have to address that the Exposition level has GREATLY decreased from the original show. And while this had a comedic aspect Stardust Crusaders feels at least a bit more mature then it’s predecessor. But that does not mean it’s by any means better. Stardust Crusaders just doesn’t intrigue me as much as the original no matter how much I’m looking forward to Jotaro and Dio duking it out with Star Platinum and The World.

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