Tales Of Zestiria The X Season 2 Episode One First Impressions


Psshhh… The first episode was awfully slow and boring.. So yay? Okay it’s not that I expected something really big considering that the first season ended after the battle against the big bad and a transition episode seemed obvious so meh.  Mostly just a build up plus reintroduction to the world kinda episode but it was still really nice and pleasant to watch for you guys maybe but not me.


More importantly though, this episode sets up the main theme for the series and that is trying to answer the questions that previous Shepherd and generally people always have to wonder about. Killing the bishop in particular was Rose’s answer to that question. Basically the question comes down to “Is killing the bad guy is the right thing to do?” , “Is bending the rules for the greater good the right thing to do?” and so on and so forth. Well in Shepherd case the question also involves the spreading of “magical corruption that makes monsters” so it’s little more complicated. Just look at every war ever fought in human history ever. Ideals and beliefs are behind ever single one. By having character have this same kind of conflict, it humanizes them immensely.


Nothing really happened except in the final scene when Rose and her Assassin’s Creed squad kills that bishop (I guess to create a conflict with Sorey’s more merciful and idealistic opinion later) and that part when Lailah appears remembering the previous Shepherd (want to know more about that, especially since it’s also adds fuel with Sorey’s beliefs). And…. what else? Oh right~ The opening was good, but I liked the previous one more. I didn’t expected Velvet appearing in it, though. That means we will have more of Berseria in this season and that it involvement with Zestiria’s plot will be more than just a promotion. Very happy about that, even when I’m not expecting something really big.


2 thoughts on “Tales Of Zestiria The X Season 2 Episode One First Impressions

  1. The first episode was pretty directionless. It was nice catching up with these characters but they were definitely in a lull and you have to wonder what the actual plan for season 2 is in terms of story.

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  2. The ending was good, but can’t put my finger on it… there is something different with the energy… like, this one seems a bit predictable… anyhow, will wait and see.


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