Overwatch Banned Over 10,000 Korean Accounts for Using “Nuking”

Blizzard dropped a ban hammer on a large gang of Overwatch players from South Korea. By large gang we mean more than 10,000 players, most of whom were banned for using a cheating tool called “nuking”. “Nuking” refers to Korean players who hit the enemy team with a localized DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, flooding their internet connections with junk data. By doing this the cheating team wins after the targeted team loses their internet connection.

It’s just the beginning, as Blizzard stated that they are preparing countermeasures to fight “nuking”. Before Blizzard implements a new anti-cheating system, “nuking” may not stop in South Korea, according to Venturebeat. Because many Korean players play games in internet cafes, they don’t have to buy Overwatch to play at home, and instead, they spend RM4.46 for an hour of Overwatch gaming time in internet cafes. That means cheating isn’t expensive and getting banned doesn’t cost Overwatch cheaters too much in South Korea.


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