Kuzu No Honkai Episode One First Impressions


Kuzu No Honkai literally means Scum’s Wish. Okay, the English title is killing me but moving on. Seventeen-year-old Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka appear to be the ideal couple. They are both pretty popular, and they seem to suit each other well. However, outsiders don’t know of the secret they share. Both Mugi and Hanabi have hopeless crushes on someone else, and they are only dating each other to soothe their loneliness. Mugi is in love with Akane Minagawa, a young teacher who used to be his home tutor. Hanabi is also in love with a teacher, a young man who has been a family friend since she was little. In each other, they find a place where they can grieve for the ones they cannot have, and they share physical intimacy driven by loneliness. Will things stay like this for them forever?


This… is going to be an interesting adaptation. I’m just at gonna say something, before anyone watches this. IF this is anything like the manga, you will be triggered....a lot.(Depending on the person, of course everyone is different.) If you think this is some typical shoujo anime…it’s not. Again, I personally would not really recommend the manga to anyone, unless I wanted them to feel confused, angry, sad, etc.  I think it will be interesting to see how people react to it. This is Pure Ntr guys…. in a complicated way. For the people who don’t know what Ntr stands for, it’s netorare. Literally means “cuckold” and shortened as NTR is a hentai genre where in a heroine will be introduced as having a significant other, which may be a husband, a boyfriend, or even a partner in a BST affair. The story will then show the heroine being intimate with another man thus provoking jealousy in the audience by proxy.


 OP song is alright, quite melancholic. We got introduction of the main characters and there’s some obvious romance flowing in the air. Sanae is more amusing than I had thought to watch. There’s quite a bit of human feelings poured into the narratives and I found this surprisingly realistic. They obviously had to censor out some content though so maybe BDs will contain the more lewd parts. But mannnn that room scene was….holy fuck, this anime is playing no games. It was surprisingly heartwarming (idk?) for the NTR-fest I was promised, but I expect that to change along the journey. But for now, that was a very strong premiere. Definitely Lerche’s best looking anime so far. Backgrounds and character animations are well done. Adaptation wise, I can’t completely judge it until I see the next episode because there’s been some chunks of it that have been cut out, but the studio might be rearranging them just like how ReLIFE did with its first two episodes.


This episode basically covered up to the end of the first volume, while cutting the first couple of pages, a very, very short intimate scene between Mugi and Hanabi and two characters that were supposed to introduced, weren’t shown at all. However, this episode probably wanted to focus solely on the four main characters of the series, and they’ll probably introduce the other characters in the next episode.  One thing is to note that Lerche decided to show some scenes as if it’s a manga, with still panels (some still, some animated). I think that’s a pretty cool style they opted to go for… even if some of it is used to save effort. The lengthy intimate scene between Mugi and Hanabi was adapted, and Lerche made it just as explicit as it was in the manga. I mean, the manga never had anything too graphic, so adapting this wasn’t going to be too hard. Considering the fact that the manga will end with its 8th volume and the anime will probably be 11 episodes, and considering the fact that this episode basically covered most of the first volume, this is definitely going to be a full adaptation. Overall, I’m satisfied with how the first episode was, adaptation and content wise (that is expecting that the skipped character introductions are shown in the later episodes). This is definitely not a normal romance, so don’t go expecting one. And if you find the characters to be unlikable or wrong… well, that’s the point! Kuzu No Honka is about to be the wildest ride of winter 2017.


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