Hand Shakers Episode One First Impressions


Hand Shakers another maybe yet to be awesome anime produced by GoHands? The anime takes place in Osaka in “AD20XX,” and revolves around the Hand Shakers—partners who can summon “Nimrodes,” weapons born from their deep psyche by joining hands. In order to grant the pair’s wish, the Hand Shakers compete with and fight other Hand Shaker pairs. The top pair will then meet and challenge “God.” As you can see the art and graphics in this anime is quite similar to K but for some reasons a lot of people has been saying they’re getting motion sickness just from watching it. Why? Because it looks like they are trying too hard with CGI and making everything super colorful and flashy.


The Hand Shakers story is all scaffolding to prop up the premise: a teenage boy must keep hold of a pretty young girl’s hand at all times. At ALL times, if you know what I mean. Do not watch this if you don’t like new styles. I think it’s great the anime industry is trying something new… just that the camera angles just aren’t for everyone. CG’s are great in their own right, but so are candies and sweets. Where as when you eat too much candy at one time you will be sick to your stomach and swear off candy for the rest of your like ( or at least the day). The same holds true for Computer Graphics. Too much at one time is just too overwhelming. Secondly, I like the novelty of the underlying basis of this anime. Two people of opposite gender joined together by hand and forced to stay that way by threat of one of them dying should they become disconnected. This means through all hours of the day whether they are eating, dressing, sleeping, going to school, doing nothing at all, no matter what is going on or what they are doing they MUST do it to together. This is precisely why I enjoy anime so much. It is able to show theoretical situations better and easier than other forms of media.


I have no problem with people bitching about the camera work, but it’s only episode 1 and people are losing their shit. (Maybe I’m losing my shit too.) Now let’s talk about the ONLY thing that bothers me, Break, the guy who drags a woman around on chains that she apparently produces through pain-induced arousal? The only thought I have while watching this is that the chained up girl was pretty much paid to moan through whole episode. Anyway, after many more incidents of this man stomping a woman in the crotch (I’m personally not comfortable with this particular scene), he encourages her to let him hear her voice. She has been moaning this entire time like wtf dude are you kidding me!?


Time to give everyone an objectively based view. If you are an open minded watcher you will like it. Getting past the awful intro is hard because the movement of the text and constant moving art makes things hard to follow. Get through the first 5 minutes and everything is smoother and easier to take in. Only downfall is the overkill animated objects. Getting through the entire episode is the only way to tell if it’s for you. In my personal opinion, it’s a different art style and I like the idea though, it was not executed as best as it could have been but from what I’ve seen of GoHand’s work, the CGI is not meant to blend in. I suppose it’s safe to say that it’s supposed to stand out to show that this is something otherworldly and not of the norm. You gotta admit the art and animation in general is beautiful though…


Tell us what do you think ?

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