Bless Online is Coming Soon

BLESS ONLINE website is back ONLINE! What’s more delightful is the hinting ~COMING SOON~ on the Bless Online Website!

In case you missed the drama series that followed by controversies, here is a short wrap up:

It all started when the Western Bless Online Website went down.

Then a “rumor” spread to the gaming community that Aeria Games will no longer be the Publisher for the Western release of Bless Online.

The fire of despair came ravaging into the hearts of those players who are eagerly waiting for Bless Online Western Landfall… While disappointed players lurk in confusion, Aeria Games went silent regarding this issue. Putting more strength to the “rumor” that Aeria Games “might” no longer be the Publisher… Until…

The “rumor” was shot down by both Bless Source and Aeria Games itself by explaining that the website is down due to changes in the web portal and will come back soon, also the new combat system is in fact “almost done”.

With the website showing “~COMING SOON~” is this a hinting wind or arrival for one of the most anticipated MMORPG? What do you think? Please post your opinion in the comment section below!

*Feeling Excited! HYPED!*


Tell us what do you think ?

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