6 Anime Memes That Striked Over The Internet!

Memes dates back pretty far, but it wasn’t until the internet came around, specifically social communities, that helped to rapidly spread the content across the internet. With a focus on humor or shock-value, memes are thrown into our culture and circulate almost like a virus.

With a big part of anime culture being intertwined with internet culture, it’s almost no surprise that many of the memes floating around have spawned from the anime community.

1. Attack on Titan – Guren no Yumiya

Attack on Titan was a runaway hit around the world, gaining immense popularity in a short period of time. When the anime launched in 2013, the world fell in love with the opening theme spawning numerous parodies across the internet.

Who can blame them? It’s insanely catchy.

2. Death Note – “I’ll take a potato chip…and eat it!”

Death Note features a scene where Light eats a potato chip in slow motion. The scene instantly began spreading across the online communities, but after the English dub was released, it really put the meme on the map.

Many video parodies began to spiral onto the internet and remixes of the dialog would filled your friend conversations.


“I’ll take a [noun]… and [VERB] it!”

3. Dragon Ball Z – IT’S OVER 9000!!!!

One of Vegeta’s lines from the early English dubs of Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta senses an explosion of power through the scouter coming from Goku and yells “It’s over nine thousand!”.


It quickly became a internet meme used to describe any situation that requires something in large quantities.

Fun Fact: Goku’s power level is actually read as “over 8,000” in the original Japanese manga and anime.


4. Fate/Stay Night – “People die when they are killed.”

In Fate/Stay Night Fate Route, Shirou takes a lot of mortal injuries that do not kill him thanks to the healing abilities of Saber’s scarab. Before Saber goes off to fight Gilgamesh, he offers her the power saying that people are supposed to die when they are killed, so it’s fine if he gives up the power. But of course, leave it to the internet to take things out of context and turn something into a meme.

Thanks. Thanks for that.


5. Death Note – “Just as Planned”

I bet you were thinking we forgot about this one.

But on a serious note, Just as planned became Light Yagami’s catch phrase everytime he succesffuly pulled off a plan. It didn’t take long before meme warriors took the phrase and had a field day with it.


6. Dragon Ball Z – “This isn’t even my final form.”

Freiza blurts this out shortly before transforming in his fight against the Z team.

The meme is usually associated with some sort of super mode or bizzare transformation.


What’s your favorite anime meme?


6 thoughts on “6 Anime Memes That Striked Over The Internet!

  1. I kind of like the Gendo pose from Evangelion.
    That said, I kind of enjoy most memes particularly as they get used in so many different contexts that you eventually forget what they even meant in the first place.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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