Amazon Announces Anime Strike: Anime on Demand Service

North American online retailer Amazon are rolling out a new updated to their video on demand of service Amazon Channels. With the new update is a new section just for anime fans, Anime Strike. This new anime lineup will include lots of new syndications and classics.


Amazon’s  Anime Strike will offer more than 1,000 episodes and films of a wide variety of anime for all ages and fans. Classics such as AkiraPaprikaTokyo Godfathers, and Death Note. The lineup will also include new episodes every week of currently airing shows in Japan such as Kuzu no Honkai and the highly anticipated Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc. The service also has exclusive content that are not found with other streaming/VOD services, such as ViVid Strike!

The service is currently only available in North America and requires an active Amazon Prime membership. On top of Prime, a monthly RM22.27 subscription is also required. There is also a 7 day free trial.

Michael Paull, Amazon’s VP of digital video and head of Amazon Channels, mentions:

With anime in particular, there’s a strong, passionate audience that is underserved by traditional pay TV… We tend to focus on our customers and their needs, and our big difference is that we’re using the data we have as Amazon to know the type of programming that would excite our audience

Anime Strike is currently available for Amazon Prime fans in North America. There is a free 7 day trial, but once the trial is over a monthly RM22.27 subscription is required.

Visit the Anime Strike website for more details.


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