Yuri On Ice Episode One First Impressions

screenshot_20161208003548 I wrote this like one week ago as a draft because I was lame.

One of the most anticipated premieres of the season, Yuri!!! On Ice is the latest directorial effort by Saya Yamamoto , one of the most distinctive creators working in anime right now. She doesn’t work too frequently, so if you’ve only been watching anime over the past few years, you may know her best from the rock band episode of Space Dandy . Y’know, the one where everyone was suddenly dripping with sex?  That episode was a good example of her general style, as well as a prelude to her “fixations” in Yuri!!! On Ice , by which I mean NSFW fixations.


Yuri Katsuki achieved his childhood dream of skating on the same competitive ice as his idol, Victor Nikiforov, by qualifying for the Grand Prix Final, an annual competition involving six of the world’s best figure skaters.  However, he placed last after not skating well. He fled to the restroom for some privacy and called his mother to apologize for his poor performance, then broke into tears. Yuri Plisetsky , junior teammate of Victor, almost kicked down the door. He told Yuri that incompetents should quit. The story then skipped ahead four months to the world championships, for which Yuri did not qualify. Yuri returned home for the first time in five years in poor physical and emotional condition, reconnecting with his family and trying to reconnect with his love of skating. To stave off the blues, Yuri. practices a routine by Victor Nikiforov, his idol and the reigning best skater in the world. When it gets secretly filmed and uploaded, Yuri’s private performance goes viral, catching Victor’s interest. Seeing something in the younger man, he drops everything to fly out to Japan and train Yuri.


This show just couldn’t get any gayer and there is so much like embodiment to feed the fujoshi. (The camera lingers on undulating bodies.)  Anyway, you may be surprised to hear that this show is something more than male butts. Despite frequent use of cartoony facial expressions and visual gags, Yuri’s world is one of the most grounded of the season. His world is full of people who feel like people, not archetypes, with full lives which continue outside Yuri’s view. I can say everything is realistic. The competitions, the seasons, the skating, all true. I was surprised at the comedy at first, but I think it adds nicely to Yuri On Ice. And the animation – just wow! It’s already pretty hard to animate figure skating with all the movement, but they did a fantastic job there. I also love the OP and ED, was surprised at the EDM ending but love it. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to watch the next episode of Yuri On Ice. Don’t ya think? Since this story would be worth watching in its own right. (Excluding the gaze-oriented fanservice for women or mainly fujoshi.) (◔_◔)


2 thoughts on “Yuri On Ice Episode One First Impressions

  1. I completely didn’t notice this post before, so it’s only right I now do.
    Definitely enjoy them pictures at the bottom of Viktor (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Also, so true about the characters. It kept being it’s strength until the end 👌


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