Watashi Ga Motete Dosunda Episode 1 First Impressions


Do you remember a series called Fujoshi Rumi: Mousou Shoujo Otaku Kei by Natsume Konjoh that Media Blasters published back in 2009? It was about 

a fujoshi who suddenly found herself confronted with a real live boy who wanted to date her, but she was too wrapped up in her 2D world to really know what to do. Kiss Him, Not Me, like Konjoh’s work, follows Kae Serinuma, an overweight high school student who is a hardcore fujoshi, or female otaku. Like many (but not all) fujoshi, Kae’s thing is yaoi, and she not only collects mountains of manga and goods, but she also fantasizes about her attractive classmates…being attracted to each other. In fact, she and her best friend even have a favorite “couple” in class: Igarashi and Nanashima, whom them abbreviate to “5 x 7” or “7 x 5,” depending on which girl thinks which guy should be the seme and which the uke.


For their parts, the guys aren’t particularly interested in Kae – Nanashima is a fucking
douche to her while Igarashi just treats her like any other classmate. All of that changes when her favorite fictional character dies in the anime she’s following and Kae takes to her bed for a week – while she’s too busy mourning to eat, she drops an unrealistic amount of weight, and when she finally returns to school, she’s gorgeous. All of a sudden Igarashi and Nanashima want everything to do with her (oh so now you’re interested in her because she isn’t fat anymore huh~ (눈_눈) ), as does her younger acquaintance Shinomiya and possibly her club sempai Mutsumi. Thus begins one of the weirder, to say nothing of funnier, shoujo romances out there.


   For those who don’t know the seiyuu stuff, Shimazaki Nobunaga (senpai) and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (first year) are really really good friends in real life and loads of fujos consider them real life homo nearly on the level of Sugita and Nakamura. I’m guessing they were perfect for the roles they were chosen.Out of everyone, Mutsumi Asuma is clearly the best guy. Everyone else started to treat Kae differently when she lost weight but Asuma didn’t change and even recognized her the first time he saw Kae after her transformation. It’s still funny that he got caught in the date invitation when his only intention was to borrow her book, I feel like he was only going with the flow of everyone else. He’s obviously the only genuine dude out of the four, he’s also the first one to support her hobbies! He’s just really awesome. 😀


5 thoughts on “Watashi Ga Motete Dosunda Episode 1 First Impressions

  1. Definitely the biggest issue with this show is that none of the guys (except perhaps Mutsumi) are worth even considering as being in an actual relationship with the girl. And then the girl who just kind of goes along with everything is also a problem. While there are some good moments of comedy in this show the basic premise really bothers me while watching it.

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    1. Absolutely, it’s clear from the beginning that one of them is better-suited to her than the others.
      The more I watch the more irritated I get. This show might just end with none of the guys getting together with the girl because that’s the usual ending of reverse harem anime.

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